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The tragic reign of the Italian counter-emergency czars

General Carlo Alberto Dalla Chiesa.

Italy is a land of emergencies, so czars with extraordinary powers are routinely appointed to fight such emergencies.

For example, the Renzi Government is going to enact an Emergency Decree to expand the powers of Mr Raffaele Cantone, the President of the National Authority against Corruption, after huge scandals in Milan and in Venice.

But there were many other czars before Mr Cantone, some of them of historical significance.

The first one was Mr Cesare Primo Mori, a Militia commander tasked by Mussolini with wiping out Mafia. Appointed in 1924, Mr Mori had his powers extended in 1925, and he made a remarkable job albeit with questionable methods. However, his investigations soon started to disturb high-ranking people, and he was forced into retirement in 1928.

The end of Military Police general Carlo Alberto Dalla Chiesa was even more tragic. After a brilliant career against the feared Red Brigades, in 1982 he was sent to Sicily to fight Mafia, exactly like Mori. He was assassinated by a Mafia commando on September 3.


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