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Italian Prime Minister, not the best job in the world

The seal of the Italian Prime Minister’s Office.

Mussolini was executed by firing squad. Andreotti was blamed for everything until he became a black legend. Berlusconi complains that Italian politics destroyed him. Letta was literally greeted with bullets. To be the Italian Prime Minister is not the best job in world, and Mr Matteo Renzi could realize it very soon.

When he was appointed, he was accused of stabbing Mr Letta in the back. Mr Grillo has been insulting him in every way imaginable, routinely calling him “the little retarded”.

Despite all of this, he won the European elections in a landslide, but now he must face unenthusiastic recommendations by the European Commission on economy and reforms, and above all terrifying data on juvenile unemployment, which is over 60 percent in the Southern regions.

In the meantime, the personnel of State TV announced a strike and the ailing flaship airline Alitalia could be forced to fire 2,500 employees and shut down the key airport of Malpensa, near Milan. Such a move would further anger a North which is already frustrated and more restive than ever.

To sum it up, the honeymoon could be over very soon.



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