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Nobody wants youngsters in Italy

After yet another tirade again youngsters, this time by Mr Gianluigi Buffon, yesterday the Italian National Institute for Social Security made known that the incentives introduced by the Letta Government for the hiring of young workers had a disappointing performance, with 22,000 new hires in comparison to the goal of 100,000. The Italian generational rift … Continue reading

Entertainment / Politics

Circus Maximus leased to Rolling Stones for 7,000 euros

On Sunday the Rolling Stones hold a concert in the Circus Maximus in Rome, leaving behind them much garbage and the usual Italian controversies. It was discovered that the Municipality of Rome, despite being deep in debt, leased the Circus for just 7,000 euros. The Municipality replies that the event hugely benefited the city anyway. … Continue reading

History of Italy / Politics / Society

The ups and downs of politically correctness in Italy

The Italian First Republic was famous for the Byzantine language used by its leaders, known as “politichese” (political language). The Second Republic saw a U-turn in the communication style, with new politicians aeger to present themselves as men of the people and ready to use even trivial language to expose their concepts. Mr Silvio Berlusconi … Continue reading