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Is the Italian left breaking its sex taboos ?

The controversial Facebook post by party spokesperson Paola Bacchiddu. The caption says: “Hi ! The electoral campaign has started and I’m using whatever means is necessary. Vote ‘Another Europe with Tsipras’ “.

All over the world, the Communist Parties were known for their puritanism. They didn’t leave too much room to women, but they claimed to be feminist, and traditional feminism was associated with a conservative look and behavior by women.

Moreover, in Italy Berlusconi likes sexy girls, employing them both in his TV channels and in his party. And what Berlusconi likes, the left must dislike.

There are some signals of a changing trend after the rise to power of Matteo Renzi and his young and pretty Ministers. Some days ago Miss Paola Bacchiddu, a spokesperson of the very leftist Tsipras party, posted on her Facebook profile a photo of herself in a bikini, officially to protest against mainstream media censorship of her party. It worked, although she was criticized.

Renzi’s key Minister Maria Elena Boschi arriving to an opera gala in Florence.


2 thoughts on “Is the Italian left breaking its sex taboos ?

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