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Renzi to face divided opposition

In the good old times, Berlusconi would have known¬†very well how to mount his counter-offensive against Prime Minister Matteo Renzi. He would have taken command of the no euro campaign, forming a wide rightist coalition going from the traditional right of the Brothers of Italy to the pro-autonomy but conservative Northern League. Today everything is … Continue reading


Italy lacks big corporations

After the virtual departure of FIAT and the Russian takeover of Pirelli, there are even less Italian big corporations. The Italian economy has traditionally been based on SMEs, some of which proved highly efficient even exploiting the ongoing crisis to evolve into “pocket multinationals”. However, this dwarfism is not without consequences for the country. Italy … Continue reading

Crime and Court news

Italy to release thousands of minor drug dealers

In Italy there is a phrase, “judicial substitution”. It means that, when the Parliament is deadlocked and is unable to legislate, judicial activism grows. In February, the Constitutional Court declared null and void the Fini-Giovanardi Law, which equated heavy and light drugs. Today, the Supreme Court applied the judgement, ruling that it applies to minor … Continue reading

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Italian Minister “saves” children from Congo

Just after his “historic” victory in the European election, Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi scores another major media success. This morning his key (and most telegenic) Minister, Mrs Maria Elena Boschi, arrived in Italy aboard a State plane carrying 31 Congolese children. The children had been adopted by Italian families, but their departure from the … Continue reading

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Italian right could unite against euro

After the disastrous result achieved in the European elections, Berlusconi’s party announced that it will endorse some controversial referendums proposed by the Northern League, an old ally which looked doomed after a string of judiciary scandals but suddenly resurrected thanks to a “no euro” campaign. If Mr Berlusconi will join the front against euro, he … Continue reading