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It’s final, Marine Le Pen dumps Beppe Grillo

Mrs Marine Le Pen.

She tried to court him in view of the European elections, but he was unassailable as a haughty princess. We’re talking about Mrs Marine Le Pen, the leader of the French National Front, and Mr Beppe Grillo, the leader of the Italian Five Stars Movement.

Mrs Le Pen is against euro. Mr Grillo, while strongly critical, didn’t take a clear position.

Mrs Le Pen is against immigration. Mr Grillo opposed the recent decriminalization of clandestine immigration in Italy.

Anyhow, Mr Grillo has an iron rule: no alliances with political parties, including the National Front. He also knows a fact, that a sizable share of his voters is leftist.

The last straw was a recent post by Mr Grillo in his blog comparing the Italian political establishment (Mr Grillo’s nemesis) to the Nazi regime, which was harshly attacked by the Italian Jewish organizations.

Mrs Le Pen has been very careful in avoiding any association with the “historical” far right, and she called Mr Grillo “a provocateur who uses this weapon often being borderline bad taste, but lacking coherence. He seems to enjoy keeping a provocative stance without providing Italians with a solution”.

Mr Beppe Grillo.


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