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Dell’Utri Spy Story

Israeli top model Bar Rafaeli as a Mossad bait in the movie “Kidon”.

Beirut, Lebanon. The Mossad, Hezbollah, Iranian Revolutionary Guards, the CIA, the MI-6, Saudi agents liaising with the Syrian rebels targeted by Syrian veterans who consider the Country of the Cedars a satellite of Damascus.

In this exotic scenery Mr Marcello D’Utri was arrested by the local intelligence services after having being tracked with bugs and surveillance devices by the Italian ones. He was in a luxury hotel.

One can’t help but letting the fantasy roam. Was Mr Dell’Utri protected by Italian organized crime henchmen ? Was he lured out of their sight by a beautiful Lebanese girl ? There is even an essential ingredient of every spy story: the turncoat. It is Mr Angelino Alfano, the former dauphine of Mr Berlusconi. Today he is Mr Renzi’s Minister of Internal Affairs, and he already announced that Mr Dell’Utri’s extradiction will be immediately requested.


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