Culture / Foreign relations

Italian students v. University admission tests

In the golden times of the economic boom and post-60s political correctness, University in Italy was a right for everybody. In practice, however, this often meant overcrowded classrooms, lack of facilities, lax evaluation, useless courses and a future as an unemployed or a (supposedly) overqualified worker.

Attitudes and policies have now drastically changed, with many courses open only to a limited number of students to be selected with admission tests.

All of this is centrally regulated by the Government, of course, despite Universities being supposedly autonomous. And someone in the Government had the brilliant idea of scheduling the tests right now, while the high school students are preparing for the feared final State exam.

There were some sporadic protests, but the Sixties are clearly gone, and the students are mainly trying to individually survive somehow. Most of them are trying the tests with a backup plan: study abroad if they fail. A preferred destination is Albania where, thanks to the special relationship of the former colony with Italy, courses are held in Italian and are fully recognized in Italy.


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