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16 “pro independence terrorists” arrested around Venice

The St. Mark Tower in Venice was assaulted by a pro-independence commando in 1997.

Today at dawn the Italian Police arrested 16 people in the Venice region on charges of terrorism and subversion. A homemade tank – a signature of local pro-independence movements – was seized.

The arrested people, together with other accomplices, are suspected of being part of a network planning armed actions to achieve the independence of the region from Italy.

Venice and its mainland are growing more and more restive, with an unofficial on-line referendum on independence achieving an unexpected success in March.

The Regional Parliament is currently debating a Bill to hold another, official referendum.

Venice was an independent State was a past of power and glory until the end of the XVIII century. The city and the surrounding region are still very rich, but were unable to completely dodge the crisis which is now being blamed on Italy as a whole.


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