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Did Berlusconi speak too much ?

He had been warned by judges and prosecutors. He had been spared house arrest, he could campaign before the European elections, but he could not speak too much. No attacks against the judiciary, and in general no statements incompatible with his rehabilitation process. He did exactly the opposite. He attacked the judiciary, including the Italian … Continue reading

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Venetian gondole prices could increase

The Gondolieri Association formally proposed to the Municipality of Venice, acting as regulatory authority, to shorten the standard gondola trip from 40 to 30 minutes for the same price of 80 euros per person. The Italian practice of fixing compulsory prices for many services has been increasingly criticized by the European Union and the supporters … Continue reading


The Five Stars Movement and the European elections

The polls are predicting a resounding victory of Mr Grillo’s Five Stars Movement in the next European elections. It could even become the most voted Italian party. It is indeed possible that the European elections will prove a privileged arena for the Movement, since European Institutions are widely perceived as irrelevant by the Italian public, traditionally … Continue reading