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Women still mean trouble in Italy

An Italian proverb says: “Chi dice donna dice danno”. That means: “Woman equals trouble”. This is proving true, ironically, for the political side which is supposed to behave more conservatively with women: the right.

Mr Silvio Berlusconi, after so many sex scandals, is still being haunted by his female acquaintances. Some days ago former amazzone Mrs Federica Gagliardi, aka “the White Dame”, was arrested in the Fiumicino Airport in Rome with 24 kilos of cocaine in her luggage. She was arriving from Caracas, Venezuela. The press is now wondering how she could think to skip the security check, unless she enjoyed some kind of protection. And what was she carrying in her luggage when she took part to Berlusconi’s diplomatic missions abroad ?

Meanwhile hard-line rightist MP Alessandra Mussolini, a direct descendant of the Duce, threw out his husband after he admitted his encounters with an underage prostitute.


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