Is McDonald’s really a top employer ? Italian trade union says no

McDonald’s started an aggressive recruiting campaign in Italy. It’s easy in a country with a very high juvenile unemployment, especially if you are an internationally certified top employer. Even the widespread dislike for politicians was exploited. “While reforms do not start and economy is still, Italians are working to keep Italy going” says an advertisement.

However, the main Italian trade union started a counter-campaign, even opening a website: something very unusual for Italian trade unions, which are dominated by aged workers and pensioners.

The complaints of the employees reported by the trade union are predictably many and different, but one is particularly striking. Thanks to electronic timers installed into counters, McDonald’s employees are monitored in their every move. For example, they are allowed only 58 seconds to use the toilet.

It should be noted that Italian law forbids using “devices to monitor employees from a distance”.


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