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The ambiguous condition of women in Italy

In the 1961 movie by Pietro Germi “Divorce Italian Style” we see an Italian aristocratic who gets tired of his wife and simply shoots her. With the help of a wordy lawyer he get a very lenient penalty since, according to the Italian law of the time, his was a “honor crime”. Until the Seventies, the Civil Code attributed to the husband the role of “chief of the family”. Widowers were expected to mourn their husband for the rest of their life by wearing only black clothes.

Today, of course, the situation is different. The President of the Chamber of Deputies is a woman, and so are half of Renzi’s Ministers. There are plenty of women in the Judiciary, in the Academy and in enterprises.

However, the bulk of the political and economical power is still firmly in male hands. Italy never had a female President or Prime Minister. There is only one woman in the Constitutional Court. Despite a string of harsh laws targeting stalking and violence against women, today Minister of Internal Affairs Angelino Alfano admitted that murders with women as victims are not diminishing.


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