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Another drone produced in Italy, this time is a cop

Not only art, tourism and food: Italy can handle robotics, too. After offering Europe its first stealth drone, Italy created another model to be used for law enforcement purposes. Its name is Guardian 2000, its producer is AD Precision Mechanics, a company of Monterotondo, near Rome, and it will be shown in May at the … Continue reading

Foreign relations / Politics / Religion

No Dolce Vita for Obama in Rome

Foreign leaders are usually warmly welcomed in Rome. First of all, they are guests. Secondly, it’s a rare occasion for Italy to woo someone, thanks to the beauty of the Eternal City. Thirdly, Italians are generally enthusiast of foreign Institutions, who they automatically assume to be better than their own. This is particularly true for … Continue reading

Economy / Fashion / Science & Technology

Italian Luxottica to design Google Glass

Google and Italian glasses maker Luxottica signed an agreement to cooperate in the production of Google Glass. The Ray-Ban and Oakley brands will be involved, too. In a joint statement, Google and Luxottica pointed out at their effort to conjugate “fashion, lifestyle and technological innovation”. By getting famous brands like Luxottica, Ray-Ban and Oakley aboard, … Continue reading

Entertainment / Religion

Italian singer nun beats Psy on YouTube

With 13 million YouTube views in three days Sister Cristina Scuccia, a participant to the Italian edition of The Voice, beat one of the records established by Korean singer Psy. The story of Sister Scuccia, who wooed the Italian judges including Raffaella Carrà, is reminiscent of Sister Luc-Gabriel, née Jeanine Deckers, aka “Suor Sorriso” and … Continue reading