Culture / Economy / Food / History of Italy

What Italian fashion can teach Italy

Since everything successful in Italy is related to tradition, one could be tempted to assume that the Italian fashion dates back to the Renaissance or even to the Middle Ages, when the Italian Maritime Republics monopolized the trade in silk, clothes and tissues with the East.

It is not so. In the first half of the XX century, the centers of European and world fashion were London and Paris. Then, in the framework of the economic boom experienced by Italy in the post-war period, some entrepreneurs took the initiative to revamp the sector and were successful.

A story that contemporary Italy should be told, since it looks stuck in the past and unable to embrace anything new. The case of the Olivetti personal computers, sold worldwide in the Eighties and now disappeared, is emblematic. The contemporary ideas of politicians to relaunch the country, when they are not based on vaguely worded “reforms”, are centered on traditional assets like culture and tourism.


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