Culture / History of Italy

Chinese people learn Italian art of protest

As described in a previous article, the subjects of the Papal States learned to express their discontent of the Government by hanging signs with satirical verses to the statues of Rome.

In China, unknown citizens are putting masks over the faces of statues to pretest against the pollution which is spiraling out of control in major cities.

What does Italian history teach to our Chinese friends ? Did the Italian method work ? Yes and not. In time, popular discontent surely weakened the Papal Government, facilitating the two French invasions in 1798 and in 1808.

In 1849, a popular revolution managed to briefly expel the Pope. However, he was nearly immediately reinstated by a military intervention by the major European Catholic Powers.

In the end, it took an Italian full-fledged invasion to dismantle the Papal Government in 1870.


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