Renzi’s Government, slim and sexy

Yesterday afternoon, amid media frenzy, Mr Renzi made public his ministerial list as approved by President Giorgio Napolitano.

There will be only 16 Ministers, making it the second less numerous Government in republican history.

It’s also the youngest Government in Italian history and the first one with an equal representation of men and women. The female part includes Mrs Maria Elena Boschi and Mrs Marianna Madia, two young members of Mr Renzi’s inner circle well known for their looks. Mrs Boschi got the key portfolio of Reforms.

Once you set aside the glamour, however, there are not real novelties. Mr Alfano is still there, and so are his Ministers; he is no more Deputy Prime Minister, however. The Catholic Ministers are still there. The Minister of Economy is still a technocrat with a background in international organizations, Mr Pier Carlo Padoan.

Mr Padoan’s choice raises indeed many questions. He is rumored to be an ally of Mr Massimo D’Alema, the Richelieu of the Democratic Party and Mr Renzi’s arch-nemesis. At the end of 2013, Mr Letta tried to appoint Mr Padovan President of the National Institute of Statistics, but the parliamentary ratification was proving difficult and the proceedings were not finalized. Finally, it is no secret that Mr Padoan was not Mr Renzi’s first choice. The new Prime Minister was forced to comprise after the refusal of other potential appointee and perhaps some presidential pressure.


3 thoughts on “Renzi’s Government, slim and sexy

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