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Italian cities “worst in Europe”

According to data elaborated and crossed by the European Commission, the Italian Artisans’ Association, the Chambers of Commerce and the National Institute of Statistics, the Italian cities offer the worst and more expensive public services in Europe.

Rome, in particular, is the worst capital in the continent. In November, local artist Francesco Visalli mocked the Authorities of the capital by illegally building a huge three meters tall monument in the historical heart of Rome, in the area of the Circus Maximum. It was discovered and removed only in January.

Mr Visalli’s initiative is somehow a modern and enlarged version of the “pasquinate”, satirical manifests once placed on the statues of Rome by opponents of the Papal Government. The “pasquinate” caused great embarrassment to the Police and the Authorities, and at least one man was executed as their suspect author.

The last “pasquinata” appeared in 1938 to mock the pompous reception of German Fuhrer Adolf Hitler by the fascist Government.

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