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Marines case, Italy gets involuntary help from international partners

International relations have traditionally been the Achilles’ heel of Italy, and the case of the marines arrested in Italy is no exception at all.

Luckily for Italy, its supposed allies have been underlining its difficulties and embarrassing it so much that the Government showed a reaction triggered at least by pride.

On March 2012, the European Union “Minister for Foreign Affairs” Lady Catherine Ashton dismissed the case as a “bilateral issue” between Italy and India. She was quickly forced to rectify her position by the Monti Government and is now supporting Italy – although not very loudly, with the Italian rightist party Brothers of Italy asking the Government to freeze its financial contribution to the EU.

This didn’t set a precedent anyway, since also the UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon attempted in these days to shun the case by invoking a “bilateral solution” between Italy and India. These proved too much even for Rome, and Mr Ban received a phone call from Italian Minister of Foreign Affairs Emma Bonino and a visit from Italian Permanent Representative Sebastiano Cardi, who even threatened to retreat Italian troops from UN operations.

Also the NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen expressed solidarity to Italy, which despite its history of subservience to the Alliance holds a veto power in the Atlantic Council like any other member State. In 2003 France, Belgium and Germany vetoed a request of military assistance from Turkey in connection with the US-UK invasion of Iraq.


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