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Berlusconi could endorse Napolitano’s impeachment

The admission by former Prime Minister Mario Monti that he had been contacted by Italian President Giorgio Napolitano in view of a possible appointment as Chief of Government already in the summer of 2011 – well before the financial crisis that forced Mr Berlusconi to surrender – could produce a political earthquake.

Berlusconi’s hard-line senator Augusto Minzolini stated that his party should “carefully consider” the possibility to support the impeachment request presented against the President by the Five Stars Movement.

Despite some defections, in 2011 Mr Berlusconi had a comfortable majority in both Houses of Parliament, and looked ready to deliver the “Liberal Revolution” he had been promising for years. Then in end of the year huge pressures triggered by what looked like an imminent bankruptcy produced further defections and finally forced the Cavaliere to resign.


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