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Italy is 13th military spender

Italian troops parading in Rome during the Republic Day celebrations.

The International Institute for Strategic Studies, a UK think-tank, issued its report on national military expenditures in 2013.

Despite a political climate generally unfavorable to such expenditures, Italy is still 13th on a world scale, although the figure takes into consideration also the budget of the Military Police, which in Italy is mainly an ordinary law enforcement agency. Moreover some countries, like China and Israel, are likely to hide a substantial part of their military expenditures.

More generally, the report highlights the decline of Europe, whose Powers lag behind not only United States, Russia and China, but also Saudi Arabia. Despite a clear need for economies of scale, European Powers were unable to agree on a common defense mechanism.

However, the United Kingdom and France still have a nuclear strategic arsenal, and proved able to single handedly launch or spearhead military operations in Africa.

In the long run, all the Western military budget are being cut, while the Chinese one is quickly being increased.


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