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Movie-like crimes in Italy

Yesterday around 3 pm a commando of four armed men assaulted an armored truck operated by the Italian Penitentiary Police outside the Gallarate Court. Using a bystander as a human shield, the men were able to free Mr Domenico Cutrì, a mob boss spending a life term. The Police opened fire killing one member of the commando who was later discovered to be Mr Antonino Cutrì, the boss’ brother. The escapee and his accomplices are still missing, but a manhunt is ongoing.

On Friday the Police arrested three people in connection with the theft of a relic of the late Pope John Paul II from a sanctuary near the Gran Sasso on the night between Saturday and Sunday. It was feared that the relic was in the hands of a collector or of some satanic group. Instead it has just been stolen by three local boys, which were released after helping the Police to recover the object.


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