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Judges deliver huge gift to Berlusconi

In a bizarre move, the respected Italian Court of Accounts put the major rating agencies under investigation in connection with the downgrades of the Italian rating in 2011. The agencies reportedly failed to take into account the cultural heritage of the the Nation. In other words, in the opinion of the magistrates a country cannot be considered financially at risk when it has so many pieces or art ready to be sold.

The investigation could lead to the Italian State taking the agencies to Court to get some hundred billion euros indemnity.

If similar conclusions are drawn, no only Italy will lose further credibility on a global scale, but Mr Berlusconi will be able to claim that he was forced to resign by a string of illegal acts. The downgrades by the rating agencies were in fact crucial in precipitating the crisis that put an end to his last Government in 2011.

Thus, after a political career built on alleged judicial conspiracies against him, Mr Berlusconi could see his comeback given a huge credibility boost by the Court of Accounts. After all, since 2011 some of his aides have been denouncing an international financial conspiracy against him. And every conspiracy is good, as long as it helps you to stay in power.


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