A “child free” Italy

The videogame “Half Life 2” is set after the conquest of the Earth by an alien empire which made the whole mankind sterile.

Italy was once known as the homeland of the mother-son relationship. “Sons are little pieces of your heart” said a Neapolitan proverb.

Today, Italy is one of the less prolific Nations in the world, and new trends are accordingly affirming themselves.

For example, some restaurants and similar public places are being declared by their owners “child free”: this means that children can’t enter, usually after a set time in the evening. Child free spaces originate from the complaints of costumers about children being too rude, noisy and unsupervised by their parents.

Others point out at the gerontocracy of Italian politics, but to be true it existed also when Italy was a very young country. In this it was perhaps influenced by the Catholic Church with its government staffed by old Cardinals.


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