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Italy commemorates battle of Anzio

On January 1944, the Allies finally started pushing North from their lines in Southern Italy. The battle of Anzio is the main battle of this offensive, which ultimately led to the liberation of Rome.

The US troops reached the Italian capital first, and put great effort in exploiting the propaganda potential of the event, going so far as to order their Military Police to forbid British troops to enter the city.

The liberation of Rome thus became a symbol of the Italian perception of the Liberation, widely considered an American affair despite decades of fascist propaganda targeted against “England” and the part played by various Allied Nations, including France and Brazil.

While the remaining fascists escaped Northwards with the ashes of Dante Alighieri, the Italian public avidly absorbed the US culture in the form of movies, slang, fashion and even food, succumbing to a soft power offensive whose effects are still clearly visible both in terms of pro-Americanism and of some lack of national identity.


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