Renzi and Berlusconi at risk of favoring Grillo

Mr Berlusconi’s party made clear that its agreement with Mr Renzi’s Democratic Party, in order to stand, must keep the so-called “blocked slates” and avoid reintroducing nominal vote (“preferenze”). This means that the voters will be able to choose one party, but no specific candidate. Then, the seats allocated to every party will be filled according to the slate progressive order. In practice, party organs will be decisive in choosing who is going to sit in the Parliament and who is going to stay out.

Mr Renzi officially defended Mr Berlusconi’s request, going so far as to argue with Party President Gianni Cuperlo, who resigned.

Since the public instead overwhelmingly wants the nominal vote back, this could be a monumental gift to Mr Grillo, the leader of the Five Stars Movement, who for year has been arguing that both leftist and rightist parties are part of a same conspiracy to maneuver the people and deprive them of their rights while preserving the facade of democracy.


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