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Italian IOC member attacks the United States over Sochi Games row

Mr Mario Pescante.

Mr Mario Pescante, a former member of the Italian National Olympic Committee and a member of the International Olympic Committee, said that he is worried about “political terrorism” by the United States “in the name of rights what we all support but that shouldn’t be claimed only when an Olympic edition is held”.

According to Mr Pescante “it is absurd that a country sends to Russia four lesbians to demonstrate that in Russia gay rights are violated. They can do that in other circumstances. Politicians take advantage of the Olympic Games. Enough of these exploitation. The Games can’t offer the occasion and the spotlight to claim rights which are supported by sport everyday. Yet 2,700 years ago even wars stopped for the Games. Now we see acts of political terrorism. I’ll present this issue to the IOC”.

Until now Mr Pescante got an institutional reply only from Mr Ivan Scalfarotto, a Democratic Party MP, who stated: “Mr Pescante is handling without enough care as well as downplaying some dramatic issues related to personal dignity. In Russia laws against liberty exist which are contrary to the sense of humanity which should belong to every person and sportsman”.

On November, the Russian Government had made known that in Western Europe the adoption of Russian children would be open only to Italy, since it is the only country which hasn’t legalized the gay marriage.


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