Letta likely to reshuffle Government

Mrs Nunzia De Girolamo.

It is no secret that the new secretary of the Democratic Party, Mr Matteo Renzi, wants to become Prime Minister, rather than leave Mr Enrico Letta in that position.

Mr Letta is of course resisting, but his executive is fragile. It was formed when it still had the support of Mr Berlusconi’s large party, which is now gone. Therefore, Mr Renzi can easily argue that Mr Alfano’s squad of rightist Ministers is too large.

There are problems related to single Ministers, too. Deputy Prime Minister Angelino Alfano, who is also Minister of the Interior, is still haunted by the Shalabayeva affair. Minister of Justice Annamaria Cancellieri is accused of favoring a detainee that was her personal friend. Finally, Minister of Agriculture Nunzia De Girolamo was (illegally) taped while tempering with public procurement and recruitment procedures of the National Health Service.

Until now nobody has resigned, but Mr Letta and Mr Alfano look resigned to a Government reshuffle.

2 thoughts on “Letta likely to reshuffle Government

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