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Italy-India row drags on

The row between Italy and India over the marines case was reignited by renewed speculation that Indian prosecutors could ask to Court to impose the death penalty pursuant to counter-terrorism and piracy laws. On 26 January, the Indian Republic Day, rightist MP Ignazio La Russa forced his way into the celebration organized by the Indian … Continue reading

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Italian major party wants to impeach President

The Five Stars Movement, which in the last political elections gained 25 percent of the votes and controls one third of the Senate, confirmed that it will try to impeach President Giorgio Napolitano. Pursuant to the Italian Constitution, the President can be impeached by the Parliament only for high treason or attack against the Constitution. … Continue reading

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Italy to Obama: salaries indexed to inflation not a good idea

In his last address on the state of the Union, US President Barack Obama stated his will to index US salaries to inflation. Such an indexation was in force in Italy between the Seventies and the Nineties. It was officially called “indennità di contingenza” but was better known as “scala mobile” (“sliding scale”). In the … Continue reading

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Berlusconi’s girlfriend doesn’t want beautiful former Minister back in party

Mr Berlusconi has long insisted that his female acquaintances do not interfere in any way with his political and institutional duties. A recent episode, while relatively minor, proves him wrong. Mrs Nunzia De Girolamo was one of Berlusconi’s “amazzoni” before being appointed Minister of Agriculture by Mr Letta and switching to Deputy Prime Minister Alfano’s … Continue reading

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Italy commemorates battle of Anzio

On January 1944, the Allies finally started pushing North from their lines in Southern Italy. The battle of Anzio is the main battle of this offensive, which ultimately led to the liberation of Rome. The US troops reached the Italian capital first, and put great effort in exploiting the propaganda potential of the event, going … Continue reading