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Constitutional Court gives coup de grace to Italian political system

The Italian political system was never very healthy, but it could simply collapse after the recent shocking judgement by the Constitutional Court.

In Italy opinions are always different, especially between jurists. Some of them go so far as arguing that the judgement makes the Parliament in charge unlawful. So would be the acts of the Parliament: the laws, the election of the President of the Republic, etc. Virtually an apocalypse. Similar arguments are supported by parties willing to completely overthrow the system, like the Five Stars Movement and Mr Berlusconi’s party, enraged by the Cavaliere’s expulsion from the Senate.

Other more moderately argue that the Parliament stands, its laws stand and the President stands, but more than one hundred MPs should lose their seats, which were allocated pursuant to parts of the electoral laws cancelled by the Constitutional Court.

In any case, the reintroduction of a proportional electoral system is likely to make the struggle between the three main political factions (the right, the left and the Five Stars Movement) a permanent one, with dire consequences.


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