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Italian Constitutional Court changes electoral law

The Italian Constitutional Court ruled large parts of the electoral law in force to be unconstitutional. The law will remain in force without those parts. As a result, unless the Parliament enacts a new reform Italy will have a purely proportional electoral system, exactly like during the infamous First Republic.

It is feared that now no party will be ever able to control the Parliament.

No major party is really interested in enacting a new electoral law to replace the current one as modified by the ruling. Mr Berlusconi will benefit from a proportional system since he won’t need his former protege Angelino Alfano as an ally. The Democratic Party is not rallied behind Mr Matteo Renzi, the new strongman who would like a very different electoral system. The Five Stars Movement simply doesn’t care what law is in force, since it is convinced that eventually it will won 51 percent of the votes.


2 thoughts on “Italian Constitutional Court changes electoral law

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