Crime and Court news

Italian serial killer escape ends quickly

The French Police arrested in Mentone, just after the border with Italy, Mr Bartolomeo Gagliano, an Italian serial killer who escaped on Tuesday from the Genoa penitentiary taking advantage of a “good conduct licence”. The Director of the penitentiary has been sacked by the Minister of Justice for falsely claiming that Mr Gagliano’s past as … Continue reading

Culture / Society

Confucius challenges Dante in Italy

According to data made available by the Italian Ministry of Instruction, the number of children studying Mandarin Chinese is skyrocketing in Italy, surpassing 3,000. This figure, however, takes into account only pupils enrolled in State-run or State-sanctioned schools, excluding everyone taking private lessons and courses. Some of them will be undoubtedly the sons of Chinese … Continue reading

Foreign relations / Security and defence

Syrian chemical weapons “will use Italian port of call”

The Italian Ministry of Defense has confirmed that the chemical weapons seized in Syria will be temporarily stored in an Italian seaport in Sicily or Sardinia before being loaded onto a US ship, which will dismantle them in the high seas before turning the remains to civilian contractors. The weapons will arrive aboard Norwegian and … Continue reading

History of Italy / Politics

Italy’s Catalonias

While Catalonia is fighting with Madrid over its independence movement, Italy is surprisingly calm, at least on the front of secessionist movements, despite a history suggesting the opposite. Italy became a united State only in the XIX century, when the Kingdom of Piedmont-Sardinia absorbed many century-old little and medium States. There were of course resistances, … Continue reading