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Berlusconi’s future still clouded by uncertainty

He is nearly 80, he got a final conviction for tax fraud, he is under trial in more than a Court, he will probably be expelled from the Senate tomorrow evening.

And yet, Mr Berlusconi’s future is difficult to foresee.

Even from outside the Parliament, he could still lead what remains of his party. According to the polls, if he finds an agreement with “traitor” Angelino Alfano he can still win. After all, his outburst against the European Union are popular.

He could not be a MP or the Prime Minister, but he could rule from behind the throne. For his tax fraud conviction, he will only need to do some community work.

Once he loses his parliamentary immunity, he could be thrown in jail by any District Attorney’s Office, the very same Offices he has been insulting and accusing of conspiracies for decades. But to arrest a 80-year-old is difficult and embarrassing.

On the other hand, his top-notch lawyers could be able to win a retrial in Italy or in Strasbourg.

He could have an inglorious end nearly similar to Mussolini’s one, or he could still be king.


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