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Italian Minister of Justice survives scandal (for now)

The Italian Parliament is currently debating an individual motion of no confidence presented by the opposition against Minister of Justice Annamaria Cancellieri.

Mrs Cancellieri is accused of “making some phone calls” to take out of jail Mrs Giulia Ligresti, arrested in connection with the bankruptcy of her family empire. Mrs Cancellieri is, indeed, a personal friend of the Ligresti family.

The Minister insists that she just made sure that the bureaucratic proceedings regarding Mrs Ligresti, who suffers of anorexia, were running smoothly. Only a judge could order Mrs Ligresti to be freed anyway. Similar checks were made by the Minister for many other inmates.

The Parliament will soon vote but the outcome looks pretty obvious, since the main parties confirmed their support of the Minister, albeit with some reluctance. However, in the volatile Italian political arena nobody can be sure that Mrs Cancellieri will keep her job until the next elections.



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