Italy wooed by new Mayor of New York

The Italian media are putting great emphasis on the election of Mr Bill de Blasio as Mayor of New York City.

Not only Mr de Blasio is an Italo-American who still has relatives in Italy, not only he won in a landslide, but his progressive agenda, based on higher taxes for rich people to be invested in social projects, is music to the ears of Italians sick and tired of austerity policies.

Strangely, no Italian party or candidate is trying to emulate Mr de Blasio’s approach, not even in the populist or leftist areas. Mr Beppe Grillo of the Five Stars Movement is too busy attacking mainstream politicians, while Mr Matteo Renzi of the Democratic Party is anxious of proving is friendliness to business.

It is true that taxes in Italy are already so high that you can’t seriously propose to increase them. But financial transaction, for example, benefit of a mild tax regime, while banks are accused to channel national and European aids in financial activities instead of using them to support families and enterprises.


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