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Even students avoid taxes in Italy

Most Italian Universities are public, and in fact they’re not very expensive, at least compared with Anglo-Saxon ones. Moreover, if your family is poor, you are entitled to fee exemptions, scholarships and other benefits. But how do you establish if a student’s family is poor ? You use fiscal data, of course. The problem is … Continue reading

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Berlusconi appeals to President, Pope and Courts

Berlusconi’s party obtained an urgent meeting with President Giorgio Napolitano and a warranty that the Letta Government will ask for a new confidence vote from the Parliament. Berlusconi’s fiancĂ©e, Miss Francesca Pascale, asked for a hearing with the Pope to explain the Cavaliere’s “tragedy”. Finally, Berlusconi’s lawyers reserve to appeal to the Court of Appeals, … Continue reading


The fight of Italy against water

After yet another tragic flooding in Sardinia, Italy keeps interrogating itself about the safety of its territory. Decades of bad landscape management and undeterred building have altered the hydraulic equilibrium, with frequent flooding events and landslides. Moreover, Italy is nearly surrounded by the sea, and as we all know the sea level is slowly raising. … Continue reading