History of Italy / Politics

Hollywood Berlusconi

Just imagine. The aging leader of a conservative party, supporting the Government in power, is found guilty of tax fraud by the Supreme Court of his Nation.

He is shocked, he insists that he was framed, probably by a conspiracy of his political opponents.

He asks to his beloved MPs to symbolically resign as a sign of solidarity, just symbolically. But the evil Prime Minister retaliates by refusing to approve a Decree our leader was anxiously awaiting, since it would block a VAT raise.

What can our leader do, but announcing that he will withdraw his support from the Government ? This is the less he could do, don’t you think ?

But his deputy, who is also the Deputy Prime Minister, refuses to abandon his post in the Government (he is also the Minister of Internal Affairs). The deputy is called Angelino, and was like a son for our leader. Now he threatens to found on the spot a new party with some fellow MPs, unless the leader changes his mind.

In pain, the leader can only summon his last faithful MPs and fight his last battle in Parliament. After all, he hopes that his beloved deputy will repent. During the night, he receives many phone calls, but not the one he is expecting from Angelino. Instead the people calling him are European officers, entrepreneurs and even officers of his own media empire, begging him not to torpedo the Government just before the Budget Law is passed. This could be a lethal blow to the Nation, they say.

But the leader doesn’t listen, cannot listen. This has became a question of pride and honor. His beloved country, he reasons, can survive an economic crash, but not the shame of such a huge injustice. Therefore he goes in Parliament, ready to face his destiny. Traitors are everywhere, but he will stand to his point.

But then, at the last second, he sees Angelino looking at him from the Government bench. In his sad eyes, he sees nightmarish images of hungry orphans, bankruptcies, starved families and falling cities. In that very same second, he stands and grabs the microphone. Disregarding the long and pompous speeches which are usually delivered in that cold Chamber, he very simply says: “We will vote in favor of the Government”.

Then he sits, and cries.


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