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Are Italian phones the most bugged in the world ?

While distracted by its own internal troubles, Italy is trying to handle the NSA tapping scandal like the other European countries. However, wiretapping was a problem in Italy much before. According to statistics, the Italian telephones are between the most bugged in the world, due to the widespread use of wiretapping by the District Attorney’s … Continue reading

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Italy, new wave of privatizations incoming ?

Italian Minister of Economy Maurizio Saccomanni announced yesterday on live TV that the Government is considering the possibility of new privatizations. During the Cold War Italy run a mixed economy where the State was the apex of a massive network of corporations and economic entities. In the Nineties a massive wave of privatizations allowed Italy … Continue reading

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Italian judiciary system under fire

Article 69 of the first Italian Constitution, enacted after the 1848 revolutions, stated: “Judges appointed by the King, with the exception of lower rank ones, cannot be removed after three years in charge”. This was supposed to mean that the judiciary power was independent from both the legislative and the executive power. However, the 1848 … Continue reading

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English-language cinema obsessed with Kercher-Knox case

After a first movie about the Kercher-Knox case, another one is incoming. The title is “The face of an angel”, and the director is Michael Winterbottom (“The killer inside me”). The Italian-British movie stars Kate Beckinsale, Daniel Bruhl and controversial topmodel Cara Delevigne. What will be the verdict of the script this time: guilty or … Continue reading