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Italy to commemorate Vajont tragedy

On 9 October 1963, half a century ago, a massive landslide fell into the artificial lake created by the Vajont dam. Three successive waves of water were generated, the last one worth 50 million cubic meters. The water hit the nearby town of Longarone and other villages, killing approximately two thousand people. The artificial lake … Continue reading


Italy set to lose flagship airline and telecom company

The embattled Italian flagship company Alitalia is negotiating the cession of a control share to the French-Dutch group Air France-KLM. Nothing was decided yet, also because Alitalia is deep in debt and not so attractive for investors. However, it looks like years of obscure moves by successive Italian Governments to keep the airline in Italian … Continue reading

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Governor of Sicily “sentenced to death by Mafia”

Yesterday the Governor of Sicily, Mr Rosario Crocetta, claimed that he has been sentenced to death by Mafia, according to the statement of a turncoat member of the criminal organization. Mr Crocetta explained that the sentence was issued by boss Daniele Emanuello, and that it can’t be revoked since Mr Emanuello was killed in a … Continue reading

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The race to demolish Costa Concordia in Italy

As it was already written on this webzine, Italy is characteristically trying to turn the Costa Concordia disaster into an opportunity. Now that the Italian and US contractors look successful in their efforts to remove the wreck, the race to demolish it has begun. The scrapping of Costa Concordia is worth much money, and the … Continue reading