The rumors about a Berlusconi political dinasty

Berlusconi’s family. Mrs Marina Berlusconi is on the right.

Silvio Berlusconi still hopes to cling to politics, exploiting the countless loopholes of Italian law and the indifference of public opinion for morality standards.

However, its party is not so sure, and is trying to draft a B plan. Some members openly suggested the Mrs Marina Berlusconi, the Cavaliere’s eldest and favorite daughter, could be his political successor. Mrs Berlusconi is currently the President of the family holding Fininvest, and thus effectively the regent of his father’s empire. She is also the President of the strategical Mondadori publishing house.

Such suggestions look unlikely to be accepted, however. First of all, Mrs Berlusconi is not a political animal like his father, but a rather shy person. Moreover Mr Berlusconi, who is genuinely convinced that he is the victim of a political persecution by the judiciary, said that he would never allow his daughter to be subject to his same ordeal.


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