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Private traffic cops to be allowed in Italy

Italy already uses police auxiliaries to issue parking tickets. In order to compensate cuts to police forces, the Government is now going to authorize rent-a-cops to direct traffic and investigate minor road accidents. By contrast, the Italian police does not extensively employ civilian personnel. Therefore, the few officers are often stuck to office duties.   Continue reading

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Government has ten days to save Berlusconi or go

According to the main Italian newspapers, Silvio Berlusconi finally decided the position of his party after his final conviction for tax fraud. The decision was communicated to the highest party officers yesterday during a meeting, and apparently the hardliners prevailed. The Italian President and Government now have ten days to ensure that Berlusconi won’t be … Continue reading

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Isinbayeva ‘should be raped’, says Italian Democratic Party officer

Mr Gianluigi Piras, a Democratic Party officer in Sardinia, wrote on his Facebook wall that Mrs Yelena Isinbayeva, the Russian pole champion, should be ‘publicly raped’. Mrs Isinbayeva, during the World Games which are being held in Moscow, had defended a controversial Russian law against gay people. The athlete later recanted, saying that her statements … Continue reading

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A presidential pardon for Berlusconi ?

According to Italian Constitution, the President can pardon offenders or reduce their sentences. Mr Berlusconi’s party openly asked President Giorgio Napolitano to do so. There are some obstacles, however. First of all, President Napolitano made clear that he is not going to grant a pardon but on Mr Berlusconi’s direct request: something embarrassing for a … Continue reading