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Italian Senate VP insults black Minister

Mr Roberto Calderoli.

During an electoral rally held yesterday the Vice-President of the Italian Senate, Mr Roberto Calderoli, attacked black Minister Cecile Kyenge, suggesting her to work as a Government official ‘in Africa’ rather than in Italy and adding that she looks like ‘an orangutan’.

Mr Calderoli also stated that the Italian Constitution should be amended ‘even at the cost of spilling blood’ and criticized the requests of solidarity to immigrants by the Holy See.

Prime Minister Enrico Letta labeled Mr Calderoli’s words as ‘unacceptable’. Also Deputy Prime Minister Angelino Alfano said that they ‘could never be excused’. Mr Calderoli tried to downplay the matter stating that it was just ‘a joke’. His party, the Northern League, admitted that Mr Calderoli’s comment was inappropriate, but added the he is not expected to resign from the post of Vice-President.


One thought on “Italian Senate VP insults black Minister

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