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Berlusconi’s position getting worse and worse

In a previous article, we explained that Berlusconi’s legal position is worsening. Well, it is now worse than ever.

Before the end of the year, the Italian Supreme Court was expected to say the final word on a judgement sentencing Mr Berlusconi to a one year term. However, due to the ever-present Italian statute of limitation, the charges were expected to partially expire. Therefore, the Supreme Court would have sent the case back to the Court of Appeals in order to recalculate the jail term. After that, the case would have had to go back to the Supreme Court once again. In the meantime, the statute of limitations would have kept working, probably extinguishing all the charges.

But yesterday, in a shocking decision, the Chancery of the Supreme Court warned Berlusconi’s defense team that, exceptionally, his case will be heard in the summer session of the Court… on July 30th.

Berlusconi’s MPs reacted with anger and threatened to resign en masse. However, if he is convicted, the Cavaliere will need to hold his grip on the Parliament and the Government more than ever.


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