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Pope Francis and the pro-trade union Bishop: is the Italian Church really changing ?

The new Pope is still refusing to move in the official Papal Apartments, looks willing to introduce sweeping reforms and went as far as saying that priests and nuns ‘can’t’ drive ‘luxury cars’.

Meanwhile, in the middle of June, H.E. Beniamino Depalma, the Bishop of Nola, joined a protest staged by leftist trade union CGIL against the order to workers by the management of a local FIAT plant to work on Saturday. FIAT reacted to H.E. Depalma’s presence with a very harsh statement, accusing the Bishop of ‘supporting violence and prevarication’.

According to the leftist newspaper La Repubblica, Pope Francis even ordered to the Roman Curia to stop meddling in Italian politics, focusing instead in the support to people hit by the crisis. It should be noted, however, that the newspaper was unable to cite any official act or instruction by the Pope.


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