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Chief of Italian secret masonic lodge loses honor

Every Italian knows Mr Licio Gelli. During the Cold War, he was discovered to be the Venerable Master of the secret lodge ‘Propaganda 2’, involved in many plots of the political far right. Many of these plots caused dozen of victims. The lodge even drafted a ‘Democratic Rebirth Plan’ to secretively take control of the Government. When … Continue reading


Infighting in Italian Democratic Party

The Italian Democratic Party convened yesterday its national executive, tasked with setting the rules to designate the next Party secretary and prime ministerial candidate. The session, however, ended without a vote after a harsh dispute between internal factions threatened to go out of hand. Some factions want the secretary and the prime ministerial candidate to … Continue reading

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The fight between the Italian Government and the Provinces

Provinces are intermediate administrative divisions of Italy between Regions and Municipalities. Once known as Prefectures, they have a century-old tradition, but since the beginning of austerity the central Government has been trying to wipe them out in order to cut expenditures. The first try, made by the Monti Government by decree, was stopped by the … Continue reading

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Italian multinationals struggle with State Institutions

+ FIAT and Dolce&Gabbana are both angered at Italian Institutions and Courts which they accuse of being ‘enterprise haters’. For Mr Marchionne’s FIAT, this is not exactly a novelty, but the struggle has recently reached a new intensity after the Constitutional Court quashed an article of the Labor Law by which only trade unions signing … Continue reading


Italian political parties fight to keep public funding

The Italian Parliament is currently discussing the Government-backed Bill to abolish the public funding to political parties. As many as 150 amendments have been proposed, putting the Bill at risk of never being approved. Furthermore, the main political parties supporting the Letta Government disagree on how the Bill should be modified. There is some suspicion … Continue reading

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Italy has high-ranking CIA officer arrested in Panama

Mr Robert Seldon Lady was arrested by the local Police while entering Panama and put under Interpol custody pending his extradition to Italy. Italy issued an international provisional warrant of arrest against Mr Lady in connection with the kidnapping of imam Abu Omar in Rome. Mr Lady was the chief of the CIA station in … Continue reading