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Shocking arrests in Italy on Vatican bank related charges

Father Nunzio Scarano, a Vatican officer. Giovanni Maria Zito, a Military Police officer and a former officer of the Italian intelligence. Giovanni Carinzo, a broker. These people were arrested by the Italian Police on charges of bribery, fraud and false accusation related to the IOR, the infamous Vatican bank. Such a move by the Italian … Continue reading

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Letta’s Minister won’t resign despite tax scandal

Letta’s Minister of Equal Opportunities, former Olympic champion Josefa Idem, has announced that she will not resign despite accusations that she avoided paying the infamous Italian real estate tax on a gym she owns. The announcement was given yesterday during a press conference organized on purpose by Mrs Idem. Mrs Idem explained that she, like … Continue reading

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Italian unemployed people ‘will send Government home’, says Italian trade union leader

The three major Italian trade unions have scheduled for today a mass rally against the Government in Rome, with 100,000 people expected to attend. Italian trade unions have traditionally had ties with the political parties. Therefore, on paper at least, they should be friendly towards the Letta Government, which is supported by all the main … Continue reading

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Berlusconi’s judicial troubles get serious

On Wednesday the Italian Constitutional Court ruled that one of the criminal trials against Mr Silvio Berlusconi had been perfectly regular. Berlusconi’s defense team had tried to argue that Mr Berlusconi was entitled to a special calendar of hearings since during that trial he was prime minister. But why was this trial so important in … Continue reading

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Italian Navy in danger of extinction, says admiral

Admiral Giuseppe De Giorgi, the Italian Navy Chief of Staff, today told the Parliamentary Defense Committees that the Italian fleet is ‘disappearing’ due to lack of funds. In the last decade, reported the admiral, only ten new ships entered into service while twenty were decommissioned. Admiral De Giorgi asked the Parliament to allocate ten billion … Continue reading

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Kercher ‘killed in sex play’, speculates Italian Supreme Court

In Italy, Criminal Courts read out their judgement in the last hearing of the trial. The actual judgement, however, is often written by the judge or the panel of judges only afterwards, since it requires many pages of motivation. For example, only yesterday was published the judgment by which the Italian Supreme Court ordered a … Continue reading