Administrative elections give surprising result in Italy

Last Sunday and Monday, Italians voted to renew some important local Administrations, including the Municipality of Rome (now official called ‘Rome the Capital’).

The right was supposed to score a big victory, together with the Five Stars Movement, against the leftist Democratic Party.

This didn’t happen, however. The Democratic Party fared well while Berlusconi’s party, its ally the Northern League, and especially the Five Stars Movement got disappointing results.

Did the political situation change in Italy ? Yes and no. The defeat of the right is not so surprising, because it is entirely dependent on Berlusconi’s media charisma, whose full power is exploited only in national elections.

The setback of the Five Stars Movement is probably more severe, and could trigger an attempt by some MPs to forge an alliance with the Democratic Party. If this happens, the consequences would be really relevant, since the moderate Letta Government would probably be replaced by a more leftist one.



2 thoughts on “Administrative elections give surprising result in Italy

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