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Italian right opens to gay unions

Under Berlusconi, the Italian right has been sympathetic to the Catholic Church, which turned a blind eye on the sexual scandals involving the former prime minister.

Could it be that, recently, the position of the Church has softened somehow on certain issues ?

Anyway Mr Sandro Bondi, a high-ranking member of Berlusconi’s party, recently stated: ‘Unlike MP Roccella and many friends of mine I don’t understand, I really don’t understand, why Catholics should fight against who advocates the recognition of union between homosexuals, leaving aside the different and legitimate stances on the marriage issue’.

Mr Bondi was apparently touched by the letter sent to the La Repubblica newspaper by a 17-year-old gay man ‘asking just to exist’.

Mr Bondi’s statement was endorsed by other members of his Party, like Mr Giancarlo Galan and Mrs Laura Ravetto.


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