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Did the Italian Government negotiate with Mafia ?



Let’s admit it, negotiations with Mafia are not an absolute novelty.

In Italy, many think that the United States struck a deal with Mafia to facilitate their invasion of Sicily in 1943.

The Christian Democratic party, in power in Italy until the Nineties, was reportedly helped by Mafia in the polls.

So what’s the big deal ? It’s simple, the last investigation on the alleged negotiations involved President Giorgio Napolitano, the man which ensures that Italy has a Government while having a divided Parliament.

In 2012, it became known that the Palermo District Attorney’s Office had wiretapped a phone call between Mr Napolitano and former President of the Senate Nicola Mancino.

During the phone call, Mr Mancino allegedly requested to Mr Napolitano assistance against ongoing investigations on his role in the negotiations.

On a formal request by Mr Napolitano, the Constitutional Court ordered the District Attorney’s Office to immediately destroy the tapes.


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