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U.S. strengthen garrison in Sigonella


The United States Africa Command moved 500 marines from Spain to Sigonella, Sicily, Italy.

The move was ordered in view of the unstable situation in Libya.

The United States still don’t have a strong military presence in Africa – except in the Gulf – and are clearly trying to boost their strategic bases in Sicily.

Italian politics could interfere, however. The Government of Sicily already blocked the building of a new radar installation in Niscemi, but Sigonella is scheduled to become the new command and control center for drone attacks in the Mediterranean.

In 1984 in Sigonella the Italian Military Police and Air Force Police nearly opened fire against U.S. troops trying to arrest a group of PLO terrorists. Could the Sicilian base became once more a source of friction ?


One thought on “U.S. strengthen garrison in Sigonella

  1. “Italian politics could interfere, however.” Actually, it’s not the Italian politics at all -which is very happy to cooperate, but the italian people, in particular people living in that part of the country. Niscemi’s antennas and radars emit radio waves WAY stronger than legally permitted by law and the installation already present caused cancers and great discomfort to the people living in the surrounding areas. The same concerns and fears are expressed by people living in the U.S. (Virginia), Hawaii, and Australia, where these antennas are already fully operating. If someone builds a giant microwave right under your home, I think it’s normal having few concerns about it, right?

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